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Safety first

  When you first return to your neighborhood to assess the damage, safety should be your main concern. The Federal Emergency Management Agency FEMA) suggests the following guidelines: Don't go back home unless authorities have declared it safe to do so. Listen to or read news reports [...]

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AFTER the recent heavy rains caused significant flooding along the East Coast, many homeowners may find themselves dealing with damp, soggy homes and furnishings. "The most important thing to consider before going into a house after a flood is safety," said Ed Weingartner, the chief executive [...]

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What Exactly Is a great Restoration Company?

  Everyday roughly 14,000 people have a water or fire emergency inside of their home or business. These emergencies steam from issues such as faulty pipes and a countless other environmental issues. Fire related emergencies, often time, stem from bad electrical wiring or lack of responsibility [...]

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What to Expect if You’ve Experienced a Flood

  After a significant storm passes through your area, your home could suffer water damage that's troublesome to repair. There are several options a family has to start repairing any damages done; however a licensed, skilled professional will most likely be required to rectify any serious health, or structural threats. Contaminated storm surges or floods often carry pathogens and become a perfect environment for encouraging mold growth. If allowed to fester, these mold spores will spread throughout the [...]

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