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Mission Restoration has a variety of financing options available to suit virtually anyone, regardless of income base and other factors. From traditional lines of credit to same-as-cash programs, we have it all to give you the best financing options possible to get your home improvement or restoration needs done. Mission Restoration takes the following major credit cards: Visa, Master Card, American Express, and Discover. If you are having trouble with the financing step of your home improvement restoration plan, we’re here to help. We’ve done hundreds of restoration projects and have helped a numerous amount of clients with their financing needs. Feel free tocontact us via e-mail or call us to discuss the various financing options that we provide.

Need a Loan?

In most situations, your insurance company will cover your restoration work. In this case, we work directly with your insurance company on the scope of the loss to make sure there is no money for you to pay outside your deductible.

But what if you decide, as many homeowners do, that this is the right time to complete that otherremodel project you’ve been wanting to do? This is an excellent time to do this, but it may require securing a loan, depending on the size of the remodel. Did you know that most of the time, the money you spend on a remodel translates into an increase in your home’s value that is often two to three times what you paid for the remodel? It’s true.

So when you’re planning your remodel and you know you need a loan, talk to your bank to find out what your estimated budge it. Do this in order to create focus with your remodel plans. If you are planning on a major renovation of your home, beyond the scope of the insurance damage, or if you’re buying a home with these issues, you may need to get the loan in two parts: the first for the acquisition or purchase of the property. and the second for the renovation costs. Remember that preparation is key to planning a home renovation or improvement project. We can discuss loans further with you, so feel free to contact Mission Restoration about various loans that may be provided or available to you. We can recommend a highly qualified loan broker who can help you further.

Finding the Right Project:

What do you need done to your home? It may seem like a standard question, but that question will lead to more questions about specifics about the home restoration or improvement project you’re seeking. Here are some questions that you can think about to help you find the right project for your home:

What sections of your home need to be restored?

Will the whole house be affected by the project?

How badly has your home been damaged?

What is your estimated budget to take on your home restoration/improvement project?

Do you want a major remodeling project done?

Do you want a cosmetic renovation or just an efficient update?