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Flooring Installation (Tile, Carpet & Hardwood)

The right flooring in your home can tie a room together just right, and is especially important to consider in any living room, or kitchen & bath remodel. With the help of the Mission Restoration team, you’ll be able to find just the right type of flooring for your home. Our technicians will help you choose the best tile, carpet, or hardwood flooring and we’ll install it properly the first time, giving you security backed by our long experience and training to do the very best job on any floor renovations.

Whether you are choosing to switch up your flooring because it’s simply been damaged or because it’s now part of a new home improvement plan, we’ll show you why we’re the perfect company to consult. Whatever flooring ideas you may have, our certified technicians can offer their best opinion and guidance to make it happen.  We’ll bring the showroom right to your home!

The Process:

This process is a general procedure we follow, and is geared toward tile flooring. We follow similar procedures for the other types of flooring for your home.

1.) After you decide the layout you want, we will take measurements of your home in order to fit the flooring perfectly.

2.) We will then lay out a foam layer that has a moisture barrier, in order to make the tile flooring fit snugly and securely.

3.) Before we set the tiles (or any other type of flooring) we will double check them to see if any part(s) are cracked or damaged in any way. We will then cut a few to the proper size and do a trial layout for 1-2 rows. This will help us make sure the spacing is correct, especially the ¼ minimum spacing that is needed between the tile flooring and the walls.

4.) After our measurements and trial run, we will then proceed to glue down the rest of the flooring in a careful manner. We use an adhesive liquid that is made exactly for the job.

5.) We will then push down onto tile and apply special tape to secure the seam; the tape will be removed about an hour later.

Steps  4 and 5 will be done for each tile flooring piece.

6.) When we get to the very last row, we will adjust the tiles as they will need to be slimmer than the other rows.