Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling

The team at Mission Restoration is well qualified to remodel your kitchen or bathroom, molding it to become the kitchen or bathroom of your dreams! We know a kitchen can be the talking point of any home and can bring together family cook offs, while the bathroom is your place to escape and refresh yourself to start the day, or wind down in the tub. We know you only want the best, that’s why we’ve got some of the best home improvement experts in San Diego, with the creative eye to help your kitchen or bathroom evolve to the next level. We look at every kitchen or bathroom project with fresh eyes and we’ll attentively listen to your plans.

Renovating any part of our homes is always a big deal, so we want to make sure we get it right. Our technicians are extremely attentive to details, so you can be sure that we’ll work with the spacing of the adjacent rooms and make sure the remodeling of your kitchen or bathroom won’t affect surrounding areas negatively. From the flooring to the ceiling, once we’re wrapped up, your kitchen or bathroom will look better than ever, capturing your unique vision and personality!

Kitchen or Bathroom Design Process:

At Mission Restoration, we listen to our clients’ ideas. Everything in the planning process will be collaborative to ensure that the end result will be something that you absolutely love! We’ll go over our entire process for your particular kitchen or bathroom project, and we’ll let you know all the details.

We take the time to discuss all the pros and cons for every design that we offer you, because the more informed you are, the more satisfied you’ll be with the end result. We’ll guide you through the different styles and colors, and make suggestions based on your price range and style preference. All the information we gather together will help us construct or remodel your kitchen or bathroom in the best way possible; we’ll make your ideas come to life. Our team will take every step to be completely prepared before we start the project so that the end result will be perfect.

After the Kitchen/Bathroom Project:

After we are through with the remodeling of your kitchen or bathroom, we will go over what improvements we have made. We will inform you of every detail of the project, as well as provide you with a few tips on how to maintain your new and improved kitchen or bathroom. At this point, if there are any smaller additions you would like, you are welcome to let us know. Please do not hesitate to ask us any questions at all; we’ll be glad to answer them for you.

Once we’re through showcasing the finished product, we will go through quality checks on the work we have just done to ensure there’s nothing we have missed and that everything is working smoothly. Our team will check each project multiple times to make absolutely sure that your remodeling project just doesn’t look fantastic, but is also durable and efficient. We make sure that every single thing is functioning well. Even before we start with the project, we inspect every piece before we bring it to your home so that faulty materials can be sent back right away. We cover our bases at all times in order to make sure we are only working with the best materials for your home. Quality is key to remodeling, and Mission Restoration ensures quality.

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