Does Homeowners Insurance Cover My New Roof?

Let’s get your insurance to do what you’re paying it for… To cover your costs!

What good is homeowners insurance if it doesn’t cover what’s covering you? Sure, you can file claims about burst pipes and the occasional accident, but what other part of your home is exposed to the trial of the elements like your roof?

Your roof is your first line of defense against the elements, and what turns your walls and floor into a home. That’s why you want a roof that will protect you right!

Insurance is usually quick to cover small repairs and slight damages, but what if you’re looking at your roof and thinking it’s time for a new one?

You wonder, can I get homeowner’s insurance to pay for my roof?

Well it depends on your insurance policy, but the good news is that it’s 100% possible!

The even better news is that ProStruct Builders is ready to help you 100% of the way!

Listen to Susan W. who we helped out with a completely new roof:

“I am so happy with my new roof. Zach followed through with all the meetings with the insurance rep and really worked with the adjuster to get me a new roof…..My new roof is so pretty, I feel like its a new home.”

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While most homeowners only call their insurance for billing issues or claims, we help clients every day, and therefore deal with insurance a lot.

No, it’s not easy business. But, when you’re used to the game they’re playing, when you understand the rules, it’s a lot easier to help YOU, the homeowner, get maximum coverage.

Insurance is pretty quick to cover minor repairs like leaks and dents, but they are more cautious when it comes to a big project like a full roof replacement.

Before moving forward with (what they see) as a big payout, they consider factors such as:

The lifecycle of your roof

The type of damage done to your roof

The costs of the total roof replacement.

Date of damage to the roof.

Of course it always depends on your specific insurance policy coverage, but typically companies will cover reasonably priced replacements for faultless damage done to a well-maintained roof.

Want to know more on the specifics? Schedule your free 45 minute consultation, and we’d be happy to check up on your roof.

Then when you’re ready for a roof replacement, we can help you work with your insurance to get you the maximum coverage possible! But don’t wait!!! Insurance companies have exclusions in their policies based on the date damage occurred and when the claim was filed.

Insurance is trying to only cover the necessities and they tend to turn down claims on worn down or improperly maintained roofs. That’s why it’s best to know where your roof stands, health wise AND policy wise!

We recommend going over your policy every 6 months or so to see what your policy covers. Additionally, we can check up on the lifecycle of your roof and how insurance is likely to treat it.

Need a new roof? With our competitive rates, you’re more likely to get the coverage you need for your coverage against the elements.

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