Reroofing Alternatives – Adding a New Layer of Shingles

Don’t want to spend on labor costs to deshingling your current roof and the recycling costs of throwing all that old roofing away?

Have you considered adding another layer to your current roof?

This reroofing alternative is very much possible. However, adding a new layer of shingles isn’t for everybody.

Here’s why:

Skipping the Tear-off

Removing the old shingles is called the “tear-off” step. Choosing to avoid this, and layer on top of your old shingles, can save your around $1000 on your total roof repair.

Assuming that these new shingles are being layered on a roof in relatively good condition, they will work like a brand new roof – but only at the shingle level. Not stripping the shingles means we won’t be able to inspect or replace the underlayment or address any weak points that could cause future issues.

Here’s 4 questions to ask before adding a layer to your roof:

#1: Is my roof asphalt shingles?

Only roofs with asphalt shingles can have additional layers added. Roof materials like metal, tile, or wood will need a replacement. Additionally, this bottom layer of shingles will need to be in good shape.

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#2: Can my structure support the weight of a new layer?

A single bundle of shingles averages around 50 to 80 pounds… you can imagine that weight adds up quick!

While building codes usually allow you to add 2 layers of shingles on your roof, if the structure’s frame can’t hold up the weight then you’re asking for a cave in. Luckily we don’t have to worry about snow around here, but the weight of the shingles is still heavy enough.

A quick climb up your roof, and an inspection of your attic, is the best way to tell how your structure is doing against the current weight.

#3 What’s the current state of my shingles?

Depending on the current status of your roof, a replacement might be easier.

The benefits of reshingling? You’ll save some money on labor and waste and will not have to worry about storms while the roofing work is being completed.

However, if your current shingles and underlayment are damaged, it’s better to get a new roofing system and take care of the problem now. Why waste money on a new layer of shingles only to have it sabotaged by the old stuff?

Uncertain about the state of your shingles? We recommend that you call for your free 45 minute consultation. We will quickly scale up your roof to check things out, then give you the lowdown to go from there.

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#4 Would a new roofing system be better?

If your roofing system as a whole is in bad shape, you’re better off completely replacing it all at once.

A good roof is a group effort. If the previously installed underlament is falling apart, then it’s best to replace it along with the shingles, making sure your home stays healthy and protected. That’s just part of our Total Roofing Protection System.

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