Seal, Defend, Breathe. The ABCs of Installing a Roof Right.

Neighbors driving by your house are definitely going to notice that new set of shingles on your roof!

Getting your roof reshingled will boost curb appeal and is a visible display of your home’s increased equity. However, for those living under that roof, total protection takes a lot more than new shingles.

-Do you want an attic that builds up moisture, destroying stored valuables and growing mold? -Do you want skylights and overhanging dormers to leak through the vulnerable cracks?

Of course not!

Having an exposed weak spot in your roof is just as bad as a leaky shingle, and it could do just as much damage to the valuables inside your house.

A roof that you can trust, a high performance roof that holds up no matter what, is a multiple part system. The shingles work together with the underlayment and ventilation system to keep your house both healthy and protected.

That’s our Total Protection Roofing System and it’s a group effort. Working together, each part is sustained by the other and accomplishes one of three goals: Seal, Defend, Breathe.

ProStruct’s Guide to a Total Protection Roof.

A: Seal

Shingles may be the first thing you see on a roof, but total roof protection begins below! The first layer ProStruct sets down is the sealant layer.

Between your roof deck and shingles we lay down an Owen Corning Preferred Underlayment. This is the layer that guarantees a final defense line against the elements. If a shingle happens to get chipped away or blown off, you’ll be safe with this pad under your shingles!

Besides the general Underlayment, we add additional protection on the parts of the roof that are known to cause the most trouble. We re-enforce these spots with an Ice and Water Barrier that goes around skylights, valleys, and dormers. Sealing these areas keeps water from leaking in, similar to the caulk around your bathtub’s corners.

B. Defend

Defending your home against the elements is our ProStruct goal! That’s why we use the highest quality shingles and roofing materials installed by our insured specialists.

We begin our shingles with a set of starter shingles on the edges of your home. These create a layer of interlock between your roof and the edges, basically extra protection against shingle blow off.

Then comes the star of the show: our Owens Corning Preferred Shingles. Both functional and fine-looking, we lay your choice of style and color, knowing you’ll be fully protected.

Finally we bring it all together with a last layer of hip and ridge shingles. This gives your roof the finished-by-a-professional look. They attractively shape around the edges of your home, helping protect vents and first points of contact with the weather.

C. Breathe

Your roof looks finished with these first two pieces, but one behind-the-scenes piece is still missing…

Finally, we help prevent moisture and heat buildup in your attic by installing an intake and exhaust system within your roof. Vents on the edging of the roof help bring air inside, and exhaust vents on the ridge let air and heat escape.

Thanks to the ridge and hip shingles there’s no need to worry about water entering here! It’s fully protected and fully healthy thanks to our 3 part Total Roof protection system!

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